About Us

Our 1972 Pizza Van, originally from California was purchased in 2015 and professionally kitted out with a wood-fired pizza oven with a view to create awesome tasting pizzas for all kinds of events. Since then we have catered at events from private parties up to medium sized festivals.

Our pizzas are made using our own fresh dough using just flour, sea salt, water and fresh yeast. We prove our dough for a looong time which gives a soft, light, fresh tasting flavour. Our homemade sauce is made using San Marzano tomatoes, sea salt and a extra virgin olive oil. All our food is prepped on-site at our unit based in Leeds.

In 2018 we bought an additional oven which is trailer based, this enables us to get into smaller spaces which may restrict our Scooby Van.

Our ovens are large enough to comfortably fit 3 – 5 pizzas at a time with each pizza cooking in approximately 60 – 90 seconds. This means we can feed a lot of people fairly quickly but without compromising on taste or quality.

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